Porto Sant’Elpidio


Porto Sant’Elpidio, rising between undulating hills and the sea, is the second biggest centre in Fermo province. Archaeological evidences suggest that the site was inhabited by Piceni population. In 1250 Porto Sant’Elpidio obtained the permission to own a harbour; the increase in the commercial costal traffics thrived the city’s expansion. In 1952, the costal stretch of Sant’Elpidio gained its independence: the city become an autonomous city and took its actual name. Porto Sant’Elpidio is a family-friendly and sustainable tourist destination, and it is also renowned for the artisanal shoes production and footwear’s factory stores. The top places to visit are Villa Baruchello, listed among the most beautiful green parks in Italy, and the shrine to Santa Maria Addolorata, a miracle sacred site.