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Beer Happy Hour


There is a story behind every Craft Beer

Among the wind-combed hills of the Sibillini Mountains and the breeze of the Adriatic Sea, characteristic of the landscapes of the Marche provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, the young organic farm Porziuncola takes its first steps in 2013 on a road as exciting as it is difficult. The goal was to produce agricultural beer starting from two land abandoned for over twenty years and a dilapidated pig barn.
With the strength of the industriousness of the Marche region, which has always been dedication to work, constancy and tradition, in the Petritoli farm today, instead of the pigsty, there is the Jester Brewery which produces beer from the raw materials it is surrounded by: Ancient grains and spices, which give Jester beers a unique flavor. While in the Rotella farm, a small town at about 600 meters above sea level in the Piceno area, the Sibillini red apple is grown today, a traditional fruit of the Sibillini community and today a Slow Food presidium. . The cider is obtained from the apple orchard which, once bottled, takes the name of Sidrosa.ico. The passion for beer and for the natural products of the territory has given this land a new lifeblood.

What’s included

Visits to the Brewery
Beer tasting
Cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables

duration of the tour 2h / 30 minutes approximately


from 17.30 to 20.00

Price: € 20 per person
Minimum 6 people

Children under 12 FREE